Uni Ulm Sigma-Delta Synthesis Tool

The Uni Ulm Sigma-Delta Synthesis Tool is a web-based design tool for continuous-time ΣΔ modulators. It allows the direct design of the modulator including non-idealities within extremly short response times. There is no need of a subsequent transformation from discrete-time to continuous-time. This tool is freely available at not charge (see Terms of Use for more information)!

CT ΣΔ Modulator Synthesis Tool
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If you use this synthesis tool, please remember to reference our publications!


  • Update 09.11.2017: Developement Version including new bandpass models and supsampling online
  • Update 21.11.2016: Initial support for CT bandpass ΣΔ modulators
  • Update 07.03.2016: Negative coefficients possible, bugfixes for STF calculation
  • Update 08.10.2015: Multiple DACs with individual waveforms, more ELD compensation techniques (capacitive coupling, semi-digital differentiator), bugfixes and interface improvements